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High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Load disconnector
Double Power Automatic Transfer Switch
High Breaking Miniature Circuit Breaker
Mini Circuit Breaker High Breaking

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     Yangzhou Xipu Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in Yangzhou in 1998, after 10 years in the high and low voltage electrical product development and production of concentrated operations and committed to expansion, has become the country's most important manufacturers of high and low voltage electrical components, one of and in the international market for its high profile and reputation.

    Xipu has been the electric company team building and corporate culture building as the driving force behind the development of strict enterprise management team, a high level of technical research and development efforts, as well as accurate service network in place to enable the company to build the international ISO9001 quality system to be smooth and efficient run. The company has always been the "production giving way to quality, and profits give way to integrity" of the concept of human values as a sheep.

    In the enterprise development process, the sheep never stingy in the electrical hardware and software facilities, personnel training and investment. Strong technical research and development capabilities, coupled with sophisticated technology and advanced production equipment, so that electric sheep in the industry other major vendors. All products have passed type tests, low-voltage products have won the State "CCC" mandatory product certification, companies many times as "AAA" grade credit enterprise and government departments have been awarded the "key enterprises", "Star Enterprise", "Civilization Enterprise "and other honorary titles.

    As the economy continues to develop, people's living standard rising, sheep Electric is committed to providing our customers with higher quality products, more sincere service, the most trusted commitment. Willing to work with more friends and overseas manufacturers to conduct extensive cooperation, joint marketing, in order to revitalize national industry to fight!

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